About us

ZANZOTTERA TECHNOLOGIES S.r.l. is a small but dynamic company whose object of activity is the “Design, development and production of engines for UAVs”.

Our company boasts an international clientele that requires high-tech UAV engines.

Zanzottera Technologies S.r.l. is located in the industrial area of Grandola ed Uniti, a small municipality on Lake Como, 80 km from Milan and 15 km from the border with Switzerland.

Brief summary of the Company’s history:

Guido Zanzottera started his activity in 1996 with the development of two-stroke injection engines, becoming renowned in Italy and internationally for their level of technology and reliability.

In 2000, the company decided to exclusively produce engines for unmanned aircraft (UAVs); the needs of this market led the company to use alternative technologies for weight reduction, developing the concept of lost wax microcasting and also taking advantage of the new 3D printing techniques.

The engine starting system is also designed to use electronics to convert the brushless generator inserted into the engine into a torque motor. This, together with the production of several other electronic components, has led the company to create its own electronics division.

To date, Zanzottera Technologies S.r.l. is producing 4 engine models, the 996H, 630H, 498H and 305H.  The latter are developed with high-tech solutions such as: aluminium alloy thermal units with silicon carbide coating, hypereutectic alloy pistons and internally developed control electronics.

Our company is certified ISO 9001:2015.

Our Milestones: