Engine 498H
Type opposed two cylinder two stroke boxer
Output 44HP at 6500 rev/min
Total Displacement 498 cm3
Cooling System air > 25 m/sec
Bore 75 mm
Stroke 56 mm
Compression ratio 10,6:1
Cylinders light alloy metal ceramic plated castings
Cylinder heads aluminum alloy
Crankcase light alloy lost wax castings
Crankshaft forget steel supported by special double-row ball bearings
Fuel metering fuel injection in the intake manifold
Ignition system double programmed inductive discharging system managed by ECU
Exhaust system Stubs/Mufflers
TBO 1000hours
Communication from ECU to client system by RS232
Operating temperature -35 +65°C

Brushless 28,5V-120A

Rotation counter clockwise (looking from the propeller side)

=> 95 Oct. petrol/oil mixture 2% syhthetic oil for 2 stroke engines

Weight 16,80Kg
Specific consumption with muffler better than 270gr/HP/h
Specific consumption with stubs better than 330gr/HP/h
Redundancy Double ignition, double pick-up and double TPS
Autorecovery Throttle body and pick-up

Complete with:

  • Titanium bolts
  • Fuel pump
  • Fuel regulator
  • Spark plugs
  • HT coil
  • Fuel filter
  • 120A 28V Brushless Generator
  • External Regulator
  • Double ignition
  • Throttle body with servo and air box filter
  • Rubber mounting system
  • Ground test software, data logger and engine map upgrade system.
  • CD instruction manual and software
  • Pre - mounting measured tolerance certificate
  • Sensors on the engine:
  2 x EGT
  2 x CHT
  2 x Throttle position
  2 x Cranckshaft position
  Air temperature
  Three Axis Accelerometer
  Fuel pressure
  Atmospheric pressure


Information available from power regulator via its own RS232:

  •   Output Voltage
  •   Input voltage
  •   Temperature
  •   Power in use


All sensors data are available via ECU RS232 plus:

  • Fuel consumption in real time
  • Ignition  Coil (diagnostic)
  • Injector (diagnostic)
  • Throttle servo (diagnostic with auto recovery)
  • Fuel pump (diagnostic with auto recovery)
  • Pick up (diagnostic with auto recovery)


Optional extras:

  • Set of cooling ducts
  • Set of mufflers
  • Harness (for ground test only)



Picture Description 
  Set of Mufflers 
  Cooling Ducts