Engine 305Hs
Type opposed two cylinder two stroke boxer
Output 25HP at 7000 rev/min
Total Displacement 312 cm3
Cooling System air > 25 m/sec
Bore 65 mm
Stroke 47 mm
Compression ratio 10,7:1
Cylinders light alloy metal ceramic plated castings
Cylinder heads light alloy casting
Crankcase Solid with cylinder
Crankshaft forget steel supported by special double-row ball bearings
Fuel metering fuel injection into the throttle body
Ignition system programmed inductive discharging system managed by ECU
Exhaust system Mufflers
TBO 500 hours with scheduled maintenance
Communication from ECU to client system by RS232
Operating temperature -20 +65°C
Alternator/Starter 28V-100A
Rotation counter clockwise (looking from the propeller side)

=> 95 Oct. petrol/oil mixture 2% syhthetic oil for 2 stroke engines

Weight with Alternator 11,8Kg
Specific consumption better than 330gr/HP/h
Redundancy Double ignition and double pick-up adn double TPS
Autorecovery Throttle body and pick-up

Complete with:

  • Fuel pump
  • Fuel regulator
  • Spark plugs
  • HT coil
  • Fuel filter
  • 100A 28V Brushless Starter Generator
  • External Regulator
  • Double ignition
  • Throttle body with servo and air box filter
  • Rubber mounting system
  • Ground test software, data logger and engine map upgrade system
  • CD instruction manual and software
  • Pre - mounting measured tolerance certificate
  • Sensors on the engine:
2 x EGT
2 x CHT
2 x Throttle position
2 x Crackshaft position
Air temp
Three Axis Accelerometer
Fuel pressure
Atmospheric pressure


Information available from power regulator via its own RS232:

  • Output Voltage
  • Input Voltage
  • Temperature
  • Power in use


All sensors data are available via ECU RS232 plus:

  • Fuel consumption in real time
  • Ignition  Coil (diagnostic)
  • Injector (diagnostic)
  • Throttle servo (diagnostic with auto recovery)
  • Fuel pump (diagnostic with auto recovery)
  • Pick up (diagnostic with auto recovery)


Optional extras:

  • Set of mufflers
  • Harness (for ground test only)
  • Starter driver card


Picture Description 
   Starter Driver Card
   Set of Muffler